VOLTECH is an Authorized Apple Service Provider. We are also able to perform basic Windows PC upgrades, including RAM and hard drive installations. *All warranties are handled directly though the computer manufacturer. This webpage is designed to make the computer warranty repair process easier for our customers. Under the heading of each manufacturer are instructions to help make the process of getting your computer fixed a quick and hassle-free experience.  In the event that your computer is in for repair, or being sent in for warranty work, we can usually back up your data off of your old hard drive if it is in working condition.  We do charge a nominal fee of $60 for our attempt to back up your data. *Parts must be purchased from the VolTech Store.

Encore Trade-IN Program

The VolTech Store is a partner with the Encore Program. This program allows you to turn in your old electronics, and receive a VolShop gift card that can be used as all VolShop locations (including the VolTech location). The credit can be applied to new technology, or any other item that any of our locations offer, textbooks, general merchandise, etc. If you are interested in getting a quote on some electronic items you no longer have a need for CLICK HERE.

Apple Desktops, Notebooks, and iPads

The VolTech Store is an Apple Authorized Repair Center. This means that we have trained personnel on staff that can handle Apple repairs on both in-warranty and out-of-warranty computers. We are also Safeware authorized and can perform accidental damage repairs on Apple systems covered by Safeware warranties.


iPods can only be repaired by Apple directly. Please use the following link for submitting an iPod to Apple for repair: http://www.apple.com/support/ipod/service/ 

Dell repairs

Dell: There are three options for repairing your broken Dell laptop.

*For regular Dell warranty-Call Dell directly for service (800-624-9896)

*Dell computers purchased from VOLTECH, that came with the Complete Care NBD On-Site warranty.  Please call Dell at 800-624-9896 or 800-695-8133 and tell the Dell customer service representative that you have this coverage.
If you wish, we can be the drop off / pickup point for onsite service. Just give Dell our address - VOLTECH, 1502 Cumberland Ave. Knoxville TN 37996


PCS Knox is a local company. Since we cannot provide service for most Windows-based machines, we have set up service with PCS Knox.

  • For a list of systems PCS can service, click here.
  • If you would like to use the VolTech Store as a pickup / drop-off point for your repair, after calling PCS, please bring your computer to the VolTech store, currently located in the University Center.

Personal Computer Systems' contact information:

  • 1720 Topside Road
  • Louisville, TN 37777
  • (877)-690-5999 (Toll free)
  • (865)-273-1960 (Local)

Helpful Links

You may also want to check other sources, including the Office of Information Technology (OIT) or the manufacturer of your computer.

Manufacturer Support Pages


The Service Center is a drop-off point for old batteries and ink cartridges.